3 Ways To Burp Your Baby Easily

3 Ways To Burp Baby Easily

“How do I burp my baby easily and gently? Each time I try to burp him I get agitated and worry that I pat him too hard. He starts crying and I don’t know if it’s from a burp that is stuck and won’t come up or that I’m not being as gentle as I’d like.”

This question is not uncommon amongst moms and today I’d like to show you 3 ways to burp your baby easily. Please keep in mind that each baby may have a preference  for a particular position.

  1. In the first position place your baby against your chest, his front to your front. Place one hand on his upper back, between the shoulder blades. This hand can also support the neck. The second hand is cradling his bottom, with the thumb resting naturally on the tailbone. There’s no need for any movement or patting. This quiet position and resting of the hand is enough to allow the burp to be set free.

If you prefer, you can hold the baby with his head resting on or over your shoulder using the same hand positions. 

Burp baby easily-upright hold
Burp baby easily-upright hold 2
  1. The second position has your baby lying on your forearm which is at an angle. Dad’s hand is resting in the area of the groin which is soothing for the baby. The forearm is reaching from the chest to the stomach which is also providing calm for the baby. You are not applying any pressure, the baby herself is pressing gently against her father’s arm allowing for the release of air from her stomach. 
Easily burp baby 2
Easily burp baby
  1. Position number 3 works for your baby when he’s not comfortable lying on his stomach. Hold your baby’s back to your front. Your torso is providing support. Her head is resting on mom’s chest. One arm is surrounding the baby with the palm of the hand reaching from the baby’s chest down to the pelvis and groin, creating calm throughout the body for the baby. The second hand is reaching from the sacrum and meeting up with the second hand in the area of the groin. In this picture one of the baby’s arms is reaching upwards. This helps create space for the burp to rise. 
Burp baby easily

Try these techniques with your baby and watch 3 Ways To Burp Baby Easily for more information.

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