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Barbara Firer - The Listening Touch

Barbara Firer is the founder and creator of  The Listening Touch.com and author of “The 5 Keys to Calming Your Baby”.

She is an accredited CranioBalance Therapist  and is a member of the Association of Massage Professions in Israel.

While being a stay-at-home mom Barbara has, over the years had the privilege of working with a diverse range of people. She’s given pre and post marital guidance courses for brides and has  long and varied experiences teaching special fitness classes for Seniors.

The Listening Touch

The Listening Touch was born from her experiences with the moms of unsettled babies. These moms were frazzled, anxious and sometimes on the verge of panic! But when they saw how successfully these babies were treated, watching them relax and start to heal, these moms also relaxed. In this environment they were able to learn techniques to calm their babies.

She realized that this calming therapy, The Listening Touch, needs to be provided at the time and place that the baby needs it, by the parents themselves, and not by her, the therapist. This led to the development of the treatment of babies by their parents, as a niche in her practice.

There was very little information  available for this type of home-based therapy,  so she decided to create a course specifically to educate and empower moms and other caregivers.

Mom as the Therapist

During therapy sessions, she teaches moms how to hold their babies and how to place their hands in certain areas on the baby in order to find the pain or discomfort.

The course provides simple and easy to learn techniques to create calm and well-being for baby and mom.  It is a program of empowerment and support; giving mom the knowledge and skills to take care of her baby without feeling helpless.

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My Family

I am blessed with 6 children nearly all of whom are parents. My greatest joy is having countless opportunities to practice and develop the techniques on my grandchildren!