Baby with Fever? Soothe your feverish baby with THIS technique!

Baby with fever

In this blog I will show you how to soothe your fevered baby with this Listening Touch technique, which may reduce the fever and keep it under control. I do emphasise that if your baby’s temperature is extremely high or if it persists you must see your doctor!

Another extremely important point is that this Listening Touch technique will contribute to your baby’s wellbeing EVEN if your baby needs to take medication. Both of these approaches to your baby’s health work well together.

To calm and soothe your feverish baby:
Your baby can be leaning against you, his back to your front. Both of your hands are placed under his arms. You should feel heat in this area. His discomfort will probably continue until you feel a lessening in intensity of heat. 

Holding position for baby with fever

The following positions have at least one hand under the arm with the second either on the tailbone or with fingers pointing in the direction of the tailbone. This happens when the palm of the hand is on the front of the baby’s diaper.  The sacrum, or tailbone, also holds a lot of tension and heat. Sometimes the heat can come into your hands immediately and at other times the hands need to wait and “listen” until baby’s body begins to release his tension and fever.

Treat Fever 2

If your baby is leaning against you, whether it is his back to your front or his front to your chest, he is receiving and absorbing your support.

For more information, watch my video Baby with a Fever?? Soothe your feverish baby with THIS technique!!

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