Baby Won’t Sleep In His Crib

Baby Won't Sleep In His Crib

This blog is about helping your baby sleep in his crib when he is tired, and not spend the rest of the night with you and hubby. 

Do you ever feel trepidation when you lay your baby in his bed and you just know he’s going to start fussing which will then turn into a major howl?

And you know that if you pick him up it will take forever to get him to sleep?

Here are some great light touch techniques which send baby off into dreamland! You can stand next to the crib or pull up a chair and sit next to him while you rest your hands on him. Be sure that you are comfortable 🙂

Most of these photos show the parent lying next to the baby but these hand techniques can be done just as easily when sitting next to the crib.

In the following photo, Mom is doing two things at once. The first hand is resting under the side of the baby’s head. This hand also reaches the ear, a very soothing place for the baby.  With the second hand, mom is only using her finger placed very gently on the cheekbone. Usually just placing your finger or hand above the cheekbone is enough to send baby into dreamland. Most babies love this hand placement. It sends most of my grandkids into a deep sleep.

Baby Won't Sleep

Another technique is when one hand is placed gently on the baby’s arm, the place that feels comfortable and right. It was obviously comfortable and right for dad as well! How do you know it’s right? You know when you feel the calm settle over the baby. And as you can see this calm can also affect you! As I said previously you don’t need to be lying down, it’s just as effective when you’re sitting.

Father sleeping with baby girl

Dad has placed his hand across his baby’s stomach. This is especially soothing if your baby tends to have colic, but it is also an area that holds a lot of tension.

Baby Won't Sleep 2

Mom’s hand is barely touching her baby’s head, but it is enough for the calm and relaxation to enter his body. Your hand does not have to be in this exact position. You need to be comfortable and you need to make sure that you are not pressing or pushing on his head. It will be much more effective if your hand is slightly above his head, or touching his hair (if he has any).

Baby Sleeping

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