Beautiful Baby Bonding And You

Beautiful baby Bonding And You

Today’s topic is about strengthening your bond with your baby using The Listening Touch. In previous blogs we learned how to treat specific ailments, such as colic, fever and hiccups.

Your baby naturally feels the comfort and security of your arms, and as you practice The Listening Touch, your hands will find where your baby is calmed by your touch. You will find a deeper level of relaxation for the both of you.

These hand placements happen naturally in your everyday life. Here are a number of examples: when you pick him up, bathe him, change his diaper and even exercising together! Look carefully where mom (or dad) has placed her hands on her baby. These areas are comforting and relaxing.

Your baby remembers how you held him, and where you placed your hands to bring him comfort. He may burrow into you, needing the connection between his body and yours. That is baby bonding with you.

As he gets older he’ll start to ask you for your special hand treatment. What I mean by this is that the times he falls down, is upset, or has a sensitive area on his body ( like a sensitive tummy), your touch will calm him down.

So you see, your baby does not have to be in pain for you to do The Listening Touch. You and your baby’s wellbeing will thrive as your baby bonding strengthens and deepens. This will create calm and wellbeing for you, your baby and your family.

Check out the video Beautiful Baby Bonding And You for more information.


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