Calming Your Baby With Holding Techniques

Calming your baby with holding techniques

Have you ever tried calming your baby with holding techniques? You may be thinking: “What is this?”

Years ago, I would try calming my baby by placing him in different positions in my arms. These days, when  my restless and disgruntled grandbaby is in my arms, it throws me back at least 30 years! How can I figure out what’s bothering him and how to hold him? Is he teething? Is he over-tired? Is he not feeling 100%? And if I can’t figure it out, can I still calm this baby?

Did you realise that most of us aren’t aware of how we hold our baby? We just do it! But this simple act sometimes causes much debate!  😉

Is there a right way and a wrong way?? 
There are just so many possibilities! 
Where do you place your hands?
How much pressure do you apply?
Where do you place your baby – on your lap, shoulder or another part of your body? 
What position do you put your baby in – upright, facing up, facing down,
to the side….? 

This is where the importance of calming your baby with holding techniques come in. 

The positioning of your baby provides him with increased comfort and relief by calming the different aches and pains in his body. These techniques will also help baby sleep, as well as strengthen your mom and baby bond. 

Check out my video Holding Positions To Calm Your Baby and try these hand placement techniques. 

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