Can I Calm My Baby With Touch?

Calm Baby With Touch

This blog will show you how you can calm your baby with your touch.  When you help your baby reach this state of calm it allows him to sleep peacefully, eat well and digest properly. This will also control colic and check over tiredness.

I’m often asked the question: “Can I really calm my baby with a light touch?” “You just touch the baby and he actually stops crying?”, “I don’t believe it! How is it possible?”

Well, it is definitely possible, but it’s important to have some background to The Listening Touch techniques. Firstly, you as a mom are emotionally invested in creating calm for your baby. When you are aware of this you have the mindset to achieve this calm.

Secondly, your focus on bringing calm to your baby will also help you find the area or areas that need release. This release will happen through your touch, whether it is through your hands, which is the most common way, but also through other parts of your body like your lips, cheek, chin, lap, chest, stomach, and forearm.

Today I’ll show you how the touch of mom’s chin and cheek work together with her hands and chest. It sounds complicated but these positions are natural.

In the following picture the side of mom’s face is touching the top of the baby’s forehead. The baby’s head and face are extremely responsive, and receive the flow of calm through your light touch.  The touch is so light that you don’t need to physically touch, you can hover slightly above the area.

Baby is lying sideways on mom. Her chest is touching him while giving support. Mom’s hands are wrapped around her baby. This is also giving support. Her upper hand is resting lightly on the baby’s upper arm, but this hand also reaches the elbow and upper back. The lower arm is surrounding the baby’s lower back and tailbone, reaching around the pelvis, with the hand resting on the baby’s thigh.

Can I Calm My Baby With Touch?

In the next photo, the side of mom’s face is not actually touching her baby’s head but calm is still being radiated from her face through the top of the baby’s head. 

This time mom’s arms are wrapped around the baby’s torso with the hands resting gently on his body. You can see here that mom is providing a supportive and safe space for her baby.

Calm My Baby With Touch

In the last photo, the baby is lying on his front, chest to chest with his mom. The lower hand is wrapped around the diaper. The second hand is reaching across his upper back and shoulder blade. This hand placement helps release tension in this area.

Calm Baby With Touch

You can actually feel the calm radiating from these pictures!

The video Can I Calm My Baby With Touch? will give you specific calming techniques for these areas.

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