Chocolate Tantrum! How To Calm Your Toddler

Chocolate Tantrum! How To Calm Your Toddler

Your 2-year old LOVES chocolate. So you let him have a little. You know he’ll feel happy and will be in a good mood, but for how long?? Will this good mood change when you tell him he’s had enough chocolate?

Today Andrea tells her story about her 2-year old and his love for chocolate which leads to a tantrum. “This chocolate tantrum takes place every couple of days. He’s discovered their hiding place in the pantry, which is pretty high up, but he knows he can reach them, since the kitchen chairs are the height of bar stools. He drags a chair to the pantry, climbs up and starts searching for his treasure. By now I’ve heard the chair being dragged along the kitchen floor and know exactly what’s happening!  I enter the room quietly and explain to my son that right now, he can’t have any chocolate because he’s eaten enough sweets for the day. It’s time to stop eating. 

“I remove the chair from the pantry and take his hand. I calmly repeat why he can’t have his chocolate now, but that he will be able to have some later. This statement falls on deaf ears and he starts kicking the floor, screaming louder and louder. When he’s REALLY upset he hits me. I empathise with him that I really do understand him but explain again that he can’t have the chocolate right at this moment, and when he calms down the two of us can talk about it.

This leads to 2 scenarios:

  • The first is that he goes to his room to be alone and to calm down. When he is calm, he comes to me for a big hug.                             
  • The second scenario is that I just pick him up and hug him. He calms down easily and quickly.

This hug is done face to face, stomach to stomach and I let my hands relax on his back. We stay in this position until he is totally relaxed.”

Chocolate Tantrum

I also want to show you these next 2 photos that show the same technique used differently to comfort your child:

  • Mom’s arms are wrapped around her child, one hand covering the shoulder, and the 2nd hand resting on his back. Part of her chin and cheekbone are resting on top of her child’s head. This also radiates calm. Although he’s not sitting on his mom’s lap she is still supporting him.
Chocolate Tantrum! How To Calm Your Toddler
  • This little girl is returning her mom’s hug. Mom’s upper hand is resting between the shoulder blades and the lower hand is  across the tailbone. 
Chocolate Tantrum! How To Calm Your Toddler

I know I’ve mentioned this many times but, these areas hold tension, so this hand placement releases that tension.

Long, calming hugs are a big part of The Listening Touch. You are both physically and emotionally surrounding your child with love and support. The positioning of your hands relay comfort and understanding to your child.

When your child allows you to hug him, he wants to be calmed in the safe and secure environment you provide him, and that, believe or not, includes the boundaries that started the tantrum in the first place. 😉 

Watch the video  Chocolate Tantrum! How To Calm Your Toddler to learn the simple light touch techniques you can use to calm your toddler when he’s having a tantrum.

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