Controlling Fever In Your 5 Year Old

Controlling fever in your 5year old

Today my subject is not about babies, but kindergarten age kids. How can you help to control fever in your 5 year old? This is a taste of The Listening Touch in action with older kids. 

But first, a bit of background: My 5 year old grandson was sick and came to my place while his parents went to work.

This kiddo (Neria) is at a stage where he doesn’t enjoy being touched, kissed or hugged, but of course this is granny’s favorite way of communication!

The poor kid had a fever and was really feeling down in the dumps. There was still a couple of hours to go until I could give him his medicine for pain and fever. He had an inhaler for his slight asthma condition which the doctor said was caused by his virus.

He was SOOO tired, but unsettled and couldn’t fall asleep. He wanted to fall asleep but he just couldn’t find that comfortable space for himself!

I felt so bad for him and my hands were itching to place them on his uncomfortable areas, even though I didn’t know where they were. 

The following pictures show his mother demonstrating the hand placements that were used.

I asked his permission if I could rest my hand on him. To my surprise, he did not refuse me. He knew what I wanted to do. I figured he was willing to try anything to feel better. He was lying on the couch, half on his side and half on his stomach. I sat next to him on the couch. 

I lay one hand on his side and felt the sensation of heat. I imagined taking out the heat. I felt his body give small jerks (this is unwinding of certain tense areas in the body). He then fell into a healing sleep for a couple of hours. When he awoke he felt better, even though he was still unwell, but he felt better equipped to handle the effect of the virus.


The following photos also help with relaxing and helping your child control his fever.

fever in your 5year old
fever in 5 year old

And the moral of the story is…. when the children know that someone close to them can bring them relief just by a simple light touch in a non-threatening area of the body, they are open to receiving that relief.

Watch my video Controlling Fever In Your 5 year old for more information.

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