Does Your Baby Scare Easily? How To Soothe Him Quickly

Does Your Baby Scare Easily? How To Soothe Him Quickly

You may be unsure as to why your baby scares easily and can’t figure out how to soothe him quickly. It may be a harsh knock on the door or a loud bang that can vibrate through the baby. Kitchen appliances, loud music or shouting and squabbling from the older siblings can also do it. Seeing a stranger or someone who is known to him but is not his mommy, can also be scary.

How do you calm your baby so he’ll  feel safe and cared for, providing him with a sense of well being?

Surround your baby with your arms. Hold him gently but firmly. Your hands will naturally rest in the areas that need release. This will bring him calm.

Mother with baby

Often when the baby isn’t calm, OUR automatic reaction is to bounce him up and down. There should be absolutely no bouncing!

He needs the cycle of stillness and peace, and not the cycle of jarring movement. 

He can be held with his chest to your chest or his back to your chest: whatever he prefers.

Chest to chest, one of your hands can rest extremely gently on his neck, at the lower base of the skull. The second arm supports the baby and the hand is placed on his sacrum or lower back.

How to soothe baby 2

With his back to your chest, surround him with your arms, allowing your hands to naturally find the tense areas, which is usually near the pelvis or stomach area. The second arm surrounds the chest with the hand sitting under the arm. 

Soothe your baby

These techniques will soothe your baby quickly by providing him with the comfort he needs when he is easily scared. 

For more information watch my video Baby Scare Easily? Soothe Him Quickly. 

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