Empowering Moms To Calm A Crying Baby

Empowering moms to Calm a crying baby

In the years that I have been practicing and teaching The Listening Touch, moms and caregivers have asked me how to calm a crying baby.

I hear about moms, new and experienced, that have reached a point of helplessness. Their baby has been crying non-stop, and they have run out of solutions – nothing seems to work!!!.

Through The Listening Touch I have been empowering moms by enabling them to take control of their situation.   

Do you have an upset baby who won’t be calmed and your stress levels are through the roof? Are you looking for a solution?

It’s never too late to learn these techniques to bring calm to your crying baby and to change your feeling of helplessness to empowerment!

  • Hold your baby over your shoulder, one hand resting lightly on his lower back and the other hand very gently on his upper neck and  head.
Calm a crying baby 1
  • You can do the same hand placement if your baby is lying on his back. You slip your hands under his lower back and upper neck and wait for him to relax. If you choose you can take the hand from under the neck and place it on the baby’s pelvis. This will also allow a lot of discomfort to be released.
calm a crying baby 2

There are particular areas on the body that are known to be relaxing. You will learn just by exploring with your hands and taking note when baby becomes calm. For example, placing a gentle hand on his lower back, neck, stomach, underarms, chest and cheekbone. 

The Listening Touch techniques will empower you in caring for and calming  your crying baby. It may take time to get this right. But keep at it, the reward is great!

Watch the video From Helplessness To Empowerment for more information on this topic.

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