Hiccups! How To Handle Them!

Hiccups! How to handle them

I remember when my baby would start with the hiccups! I had no idea how to handle them! I would immediately put her over my shoulder and pat her back. Then I would hold my breath to see how long it would take to disappear or when the frustrated hysterics would begin.

Hiccups are caused by the sudden contractions of the diaphragm which then makes the windpipe close off for a few seconds – causing the ‘hiccup’ sound. 

Continued, uncontrollable hiccuping is irritating for your baby and causes frustration and tears. Parents are left feeling helpless because it is difficult to make them stop.   

The following technique will calm your baby and control those hiccups. 
Hold your baby against you, his back against your chest or stomach. You can sit or stand; in some cases it’s better for baby if you stand so that he is stretched out and not scrunched up, allowing air to flow freely. Hold him comfortably with one hand, and rest the second hand very gently under his rib cage. Wait patiently for heat to be released. You need total patience. Patience is the key for release to occur.


It‘s nearly impossible to prevent hiccups from happening but you have the power to control them and bring calm to your baby.

Watch the video How To Control Hiccups In Your Baby to learn more.  

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