Home Remedy for Baby Constipation

Home Remedy for Baby Constipation

Do you ever wish you had a home remedy for your baby’s constipation? 
You realise your baby hasn’t had a bowel movement for a day or two. You notice that his stomach is very tight. When he tries to have a bowel movement you can see how much he is straining his whole body to push. Sometimes he gets a red or scrunched up face with all of his pushing. He’s agitated and really needs to calm down for his body to relax and release what he’s holding inside.

Hi! I’m Barbara Firer founder of TheListeningTouch.com, teaching you how to calm your baby with light touch techniques.

So how do you calm your baby’s agitation in order for him to release himself from constipation?

Now, before we continue, I want to let you know that within today’s light touch techniques you’ll learn to use your “focus” and your “Imagination” while your hands are resting on the baby.

  1. Sit or stand with your baby, stomach to stomach or stomach to shoulder. Place your baby over your shoulder, with one hand on his lower back, on the top part of his diaper. 
Remedy for Baby Constipation

Place the second hand on his upper back for support. 

Without any pressure from your hands, try to focus on the lower back and be receptive to the release of heat emanating from the lower back into your hand. 

Baby Constipation

You will need to focus and wait for the heat to be released.

It is the release of heat that will bring relief, and help with the bowel movement.

If you don’t feel any heat that’s fine. This particular hand placement is very soothing for baby and helps relax him. This allows the body fluids to travel smoothly throughout his body, relieving his constipation.

  1. Another position to help your baby release his constipation is when he’s sitting on your lap or lying against you, his back to your front. 
Home Remedy for Constipation

Place your hands gently on the area of the stomach and focus on feeling heat rise from the painful area. You might hear a gurgling sound or feel gentle vibrations. Imagine a softening of the area, and an opening of all passageways allowing the stool to pass through, creating an easy bowel movement. 

Home Remedy for Baby Constipation

Using your focus and imagination, together with the hand placements, create an incredibly powerful technique.

But don’t forget to give yourself a chance and keep on practicing to really get the hang of it!

To learn more, watch the video Home Remedy for Baby’s Constipation.

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