How to Calm Your baby When He's Scared

How to calm baby when he is scared

Have you ever been in a situation where everything is calm, then suddenly your baby starts screaming hysterically? Do you wonder how to calm your baby when he is scared?

Something, or someone, has scared your baby – and you don’t know what or who it is!!

Maybe it’s a shadow on the wall, or a thunderstorm. Or at a family gathering where all the aunties and uncles have to hold her. He may not remember them and be upset by being held by sooo many people.  And suddenly your baby is crying hysterically and is inconsolable.

What do you do?

Gently retrieve him (if he is being held) and very lightly rest your hand on his chest and diaphragm (below the ribs).

Calm baby when he's scared

Position your hands where you will feel his quick intake of breaths. Keep your hand in place and imagine his fear leaving him. You can move one or both hands to his sides and back, reaching the whole area of discomfort.

Watch the video Frightened Baby? How to Calm Your Baby When He’s Scared to get more information.

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