How To Calm Your Baby With “Intention”


The Listening Touch and Intention

The Listening Touch techniques work best when they are carried out using your Intention. You can even calm your baby using your intention!

What Do I Mean By Intention?

Your Intention is the strong desire to calm your baby and take away his  pain. While focusing on this positive thought, you are listening with your hands, looking for the uncomfortable areas that need your hands resting there.

Intention uses this mindful concentration with the physical techniques in The Listening Touch – in order to help alleviate the cause of your baby’s distress. It is the focusing of your mind that works in conjunction with the practical hand placements.  

It is this focusing of your mind that releases discomfort or tension to achieve a state of calmness.  


The meeting of the practical technique and mindful intention is very powerful. 

Intention is a force in the universe and everything and everyone is connected to this invisible force’. (Dr Wayne Dyer)

Watch my video How To Calm Your Baby With Intention for more tips.

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