How to Calm Your Baby Without Picking Him Up

How to Calm Baby without Picking Up

Most parents would love to know how to calm their baby without picking him up!  Your baby is in his crib, crying, and you don’t know what to do to comfort him! 

I really felt my friend’s pain when she recently told me how tired she was due to night time feeds. Not only that, she was also woken up between feeds! She groaned that “It takes tiredness to another level”.

The problem, she discovered, was that after feeding and comforting her little one, baby did not want to return to her crib.

I hear about this all the time. Your baby gets all comfy snuggling up to you and dad, and feeling her safe space.  When the time comes to return to the crib baby makes her feelings known!

And when she does seem to settle, allowing you (or hubby) to return to bed, it’s not for long… she’ll be heard all too soon over the monitor. 

Here are a couple of simple techniques that will calm your baby without picking her up. 

If your baby is lying on his stomach, place one hand on her back and the second hand hovering above her head.

calm without picking up

If your baby is lying on her back, place one hand across her torso and the second one across her pelvis. (Remember that your touch is as light as a feather!)

calm without picking up 2

These techniques provide that “safe space” that baby had while snuggling up with you.

And since there is no transfer to the crib, your baby will have a less disturbed night and so, thankfully, will you!

Check out my video You CAN Calm Your Baby Without Picking Him Up for more information on this technique.

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