How To Calm Your Congested Baby

How to calm your congested baby

Have you noticed that when the temperature drops, baby becomes congested?  That he has difficulty eating and sleeping?

The following technique is designed to bring relief and calm to your congested baby.

Hold your baby comfortably. Gently place your hand over his cheekbone. Your hand or fingers, should also reach his ear. You do not need to touch his face, but place your hand slightly above this area. Feel heat or a prickly sensation flowing out. These areas get clogged easily, since they are part of the nasal passageways. Keep your hand in this position until you feel your baby breathing easier and is more relaxed.

How to calm your congested baby

You can also do this technique while your baby is lying on your bed or in his own crib.

Once you get the hang of the hand placement, you will find that it comes naturally to you, to be used when you feel the need to calm your congested baby.

Watch the video How To Calm Your Congested Baby to learn more about this technique.

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