How To Comfort Your Baby When He Has An Earache

How to comfort your baby when he has an earache

Does your baby tend to rub or “play” with his ears? Is he uncomfortable? 

Are you at a loss of what to do to ease his pain? You may have already made an appointment for the next day to see the doctor. I’m sure you would love to know what to do RIGHT NOW to comfort your baby.

A couple of my kids used to get earaches quite frequently as babies, one in particular. Besides giving painkillers, I wasn’t aware of alternative treatment to comfort him when he had an earache. The moment he started playing with his ears, I worried that he had the dreaded earache. In this situation, it’s sometimes a wild guess at what is actually bothering him. 

There could be a number of reasons for your baby’s pain. It may be due to:

  • A cold 
  • An ear infection  
  • Fluid in the middle ear
  • Teething 

The baby may also have a fever. You will probably want to give him infant pain relief. But what can you do right now to provide comfort and calm to your baby? 

Try this Listening Touch technique to comfort your baby when he has an earache.

Hold your baby in a comfortable position where you can rest your hand right above his ear or at the end of the cheekbone, next to the ear. Your hand may reach a number of areas on your baby’s face because he’s so small. Wait for heat to be released. 

This technique revolves around releasing the build up of pain and tension in your baby’s body. 

Remember to hold the position until you feel an improvement, a lessening of heat, and a calmer baby.

Please also remember that there should be absolutely no pressure of your hand on the baby’s face. If you are not sure how light your hand should be resting on your baby, then hold your hand slightly above the baby’s face.

You can also comfort your baby when he has an earache after he’s had a painkiller and/or antibiotics (prescribed by your doctor), since his discomfort may linger for a few more days.

The calm and wellbeing you create for your baby during this difficult time, will bring him to a healing sleep. 

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