How To Ease Constipation In Your Baby

How to ease constipation in your baby

I remember when my kids were babies and they would suffer from stomach aches. I had no idea how to ease constipation and bring them relief.

I would freak out at how much milk or baby food was going in and yet nothing was going out. Just how much food and drink could that tiny little tummy hold in?!

The baby would be whiney and uncomfortable. I was anxious. It was stressful for all!

I wish I had known back then, that aside from conventional treatment, I could have provided some physical relief for my baby!

In my practice, I see many of my clients are frustrated with this issue, and are looking for different  methods to learn how to treat their babies when they have difficult bowel movements. I am busy teaching new mothers how to relieve and ease constipation in their babies by doing this simple technique:

Ease Constipation
  • Place your baby over your shoulder, with one hand on his lower back on the top part of his diaper. 
  • Place the second hand on his upper back for support. 
  • Without putting any pressure through your hands, try to focus on the lower back and be receptive to the release of heat from the lower back into your hand.  
  • You will need to focus and wait for the heat to be released.
  • It is the release of heat that will bring relief and help with the bowel movement.
  • Do these hand placements for as long as necessary. 

Your aim is to feel a release in your baby’s body by allowing his tension to drain away which will bring a smile to his face.

So, the next time you discuss with your friends this highly uncomfortable situation, you will be able to pass on these tips on how to ease constipation in your baby.  

Check out the video How To Ease Constipation In Your Baby for more information on this topic.


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