How To Gain Confidence As A New Mom

How to gain confidence as a new mom

There are times when all of us look for support. You may be a first time mom struggling to get to grips with it all. Or perhaps baby number two or three is presenting new challenges you didn’t have with your first born.  We all have times when we wish we had more confidence in ourselves when dealing with our babies. 

Listening to the advice of family and friends can be a great help and build up your confidence.  But it’s not always the case. Some moms receive a never-ending stream of advice from ’helpful’ family members. They may want you to wrap baby in an extra blanket, cut out a daily feed, start weaning, leave him to cry, the list goes on… and often you get conflicting advice, which can really rock your confidence as a new mom.

All of this can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if the advice isn’t in line with your own instincts.

With voices coming from all angles you may just feel that little bit anxious or unsure if you’re doing the right thing.

First, trust yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to!

Second, know that you can learn this technique to calm your overtired or agitated baby to sleep.

Know that you CAN gain confidence as a new mom!

Cradle your baby or hold him on your chest or over your shoulder. Place one hand across his lower back, and the second hand on his upper back between his shoulder blades or closer to his neck. In this picture the second arm is cradling the upper back and neck while mom’s hand is placed gently on her baby’s forearm. In this instance this was the positioning and hand placement that was needed for baby to calm.

Confidence New Mom

Try this yourself and see how you will gain the confidence you need as a new mom.

Watch the video How To Calm Your Baby With Confidence for more information on this topic.

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