How To Get Your Overtired Toddler To Sleep

How To Get Your Overtired Toddler To Sleep

An overtired toddler or child is a real challenge! Sometimes they are so wound up it’s impossible to know how to calm them down so they will have their much needed sleep!

I spoke to Adi, a young mother of 2, who told me about her experience:

“I used to worry when my son would whinge and make a fuss and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. I would rock him but that would make him more agitated. I would then pat him but that would make him excitable. Then I discovered The Listening Touch, and learned where he has his very own sensitive spot that responds beautifully to the touch of my fingers.”

“So now, when my son is usually uptight and whiny, I know he’s overtired. I put him on my lap and place one hand around his back to support him. The second hand has the thumb touching the back of his neck on his spinal column, with the rest of the fingers pointing towards the ear.” 

Overtired Toddler To Sleep

“This position immediately calms him and it doesn’t take long for him to fall asleep.”

Overtired Toddler To Sleep

“My daughter, on the other hand, loves it when I place my hand on her head . She can be in a number of positions, for instance: lying on the couch with her head in my lap, standing up and giving me a hug, or just lying in bed before sleep.”

Overtired Toddler

“I’ve seen that this particular hand placement is very soothing. The fingers of my hand touch the top of the head, as well as above and behind the ear, with the palm resting lightly on the lower section towards the back of the head. These areas are really sensitive and respond to my touch, creating an atmosphere of calm. When she is tired, this hand placement helps her fall into a deep sleep.”


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