How To Help Baby Sleep Calmly

How to help baby sleep calmly

I remember the time when my children were babies and I had trouble helping them sleep calmly. Sometimes they were overexcited, overtired or fussy. On occasion, their grandparents or babysitters were trying to calm them to sleep. 

The following techniques will show you how to calm your baby to sleep by using simple touch. They are not just for mom but can be used by other members of the family and caretakers as well!

The photos here show the baby being calmed by her Aunt Sarah. Family members (like your mom or dad) practicing these techniques on your baby, will definitely give you some breathing space! 😉

In this photo Sarah is holding her baby niece close to her chest. They are facing each other. Her arm is supporting her niece as it rests over the baby’s sacrum and lower back. Sarah’s other hand is spread out and resting behind the baby’s neck and upper back. 

This position is very soothing for your baby.

Help baby sleep calmly

This second photo shows the baby with her back resting against her aunt’s chest. One of the aunt’s arms is supporting the baby across her chest with her hand resting under the arm. The second hand which is on the diaper, is supporting her. Sarah’s thumb is naturally resting on her niece’s groin, releasing tension that is held in that area. Here the baby is feeling happy and relaxed.

Holding baby to help her sleep calmly

The Baby is rubbing her eyes, on the way to falling asleep.

Help baby sleep calmly

Don’t be afraid to try these techniques. There is no pulling or squeezing; there is only a gentle resting of the hand in these areas. Try out the hand positions in a way that’s comfortable for you. The positioning of your hands don’t need to be exact, they need to be as light as a feather.

This is the most natural way to help your baby go to sleep. And the upside of these techniques is that WHEN we give it a chance,  when we help create calm, we also become calm.

These techniques are used by mom as well as other family members.

Watch the video How To Help Baby Fall Asleep calmly to learn more.

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