How To Read Your Baby's Body Language

How to read your baby's body language

 admit it!! There are a few people who tell me that The Listening Touch techniques look too good to be true. 

How can something so simple, that anyone can do,  actually work?

How can simple touch and positioning have such a powerful effect?

So I’ll tell you!

These methods are a natural therapy.  How to read your baby’s body language is another way of communicating with your baby. You learn how to listen to the baby’s body with your hands and respond to it.  

It really is learning a new language!

Imagine trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language. You try everything, from talking slowly to making all kinds of hand gestures. It’s frustrating to communicate the simplest things!

You feel your baby’s frustration when he tries to communicate his discomfort to you. He doesn’t feel right and wants to let you know.

Learning how to respond to your baby’s needs is very empowering and strengthens your connection to your baby.

Your baby is lying on your stomach or shoulder. One hand is lightly touching his shoulder blade and the fingers are reaching to the mid upper back. The other hand is covering the tailbone and thigh, areas that allow discomforts to be released easily.

Baby's body language

Your baby is lying on her back. Your hands are surrounding the sides of her head above the ear right down to the jaw and chin (the fingers are pointing towards the chin which will also have a positive effect). The hands are not even touching the baby but they are having a very calming effect.

Baby's body language 2

The Listening Touch gives you control dealing with the day to day care of your baby.  You can read his signals and respond to his needs.

See my video Your Baby’s Body Language And How To Read It and me what you think in the comments below the video.


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