How To Relieve Pain In Your Baby

How To Relieve Pain In Your Baby

I’ve done a number of blogs on relieving pain in your baby by treating specific ailments. With each of these ailments I showed you particular hand placements, and through the photos you saw that some of the positioning of the hands wasn’t exactly as I’d mentioned. This is because the hand placements are flexible, they move to where they feel they need to be, to help your baby in the best way possible. (It’s as if your hands have a life of their own ;))

In today’s blog I want to show you different hand positions for alleviating colic and treating fever in your baby. I’ve covered these topics in previous blogs. These hand placements are different to the ones previously shown.


The first topic is about how to treat colic. Place a comforting hand anywhere on your baby. My daughter (Adina) recently discovered that her baby daughter became calm and fell asleep after being held like this:

Her new baby had her set crying hours after her evening feed. She would automatically scrunch up in pain, not allowing the air bubbles to rise through her windpipe to release into a burp. My daughter understood that she had to hold her baby upright and not too tightly. She tried many different positions, and then as she held her in THIS position, she relaxed. When the release occurred the baby just fell into a deep sleep.

Mom’s hands are surrounding baby’s torso and meeting together under her arm. The baby’s other side is resting alongside mom’s torso. The thumb of mom’s right hand which is resting on the shoulder, is also providing support. Baby is slightly suspended, allowing the air to flow freely through the airway. At the same time she feels safe and secure in mom’s arms. In this picture the air was released almost immediately, creating a lovely burp 🙂


The second topic I’d like to discuss is when your baby has a fever. Firstly, it is most important that you see your doctor for advice! But what if you have to wait for an appointment? What do you do in the meantime?

I received a call from the nursery school to pick up my year old grandson, since that morning he had developed a fever. My daughter (Meira) had finally returned to work after taking time off to be with the two older kids at home when they’d been sick, so I was the backup. I brought my grandson home and discovered that I had no baby pain reliever. I then sat down with him (he’s really getting heavy;)) and started “listening” with my hands for the areas that held the most heat and tension. This is usually under the arms when baby has a fever.

He totally relaxed as he snuggled into me. One hand was on his diaper, allowing tension to release from his tailbone and lower back. My other hand, which is resting on his side absorbed alot of heat. This hand placement brought him to calm. In this picture you can see his flushed cheeks. 

Check out my video How To Relieve Baby’s Pain and try these hand placement techniques. 

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