How To Settle Your baby In The Pram (Carriage)

How to settle your baby in the pram (carriage)

I used to love taking trips to visit family and friends to show off my babies 😉
The downside was how easily they became unsettled in the pram or carriage. Picking the baby up and providing him with comfort was easy – the difficult part was returning him to the pram without disturbing him.  Often I had to pick him up and settle him again… and again… you get the picture!

Here is a technique especially designed to provide comfort to your baby and to teach you how to settle your baby in the pram.

If your baby is lying on his stomach place your hand between his shoulder blades. That other hand can be hovering very gently above the back of his head.

How to settle your baby in the pram (carriage) 2

If your baby is lying on his back, place one or two hands slightly above the top of his head. You can also put one of your hands on his chest or stomach.


Like all new things, this technique may take time to master. If it doesn’t work the first time give baby a hug and resettle him as usual. Then try it again when you place him back in his pram.

Learning how to calm your baby down and re-settle him without picking him up is a very useful tool. It also works well in the crib.  It’s a great way for baby to go back to sleep with minimal fuss.

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