How to Stop Baby Hiccups

How to Stop Baby Hiccups

How do I stop my baby’s hiccups? He gets them so easily, and they just come from out of the blue! He can be lying quietly and the next minute he’s frustrated because he’s started hiccuping and, of course, he doesn’t know how to stop! And neither do I!! 

Today I have 2 techniques to help calm your baby and stop the hiccups.

Technique 1

This technique is a process using 3 different modalities. The first is the actual hand placement. The second is using your imagination, and the third, is patience. All of these modalities require practice and patience! 

Hold your baby against you, his back against your chest or stomach. You can sit or stand. In some cases it’s better for your baby when you stand so that he is stretched out. This allows air to flow freely. Hold him comfortably with one hand, and rest the second hand very gently under his rib cage. 

Relieving hiccups in Baby
Relieving hiccups in baby 2

Visualize what these hiccups look like and imagine them leaving the body. An alternative way is to imagine the hiccups slowing down until they stop. 

Wait patiently.  You may feel heat come into your hand.  The heat will signal release, as the cycle of hiccups calms down and stops. Sometimes you don’t feel any kind of sensation come into your hand, but the baby does relax and calms down.

Technique 2

Sometimes the hiccups come out of nowhere. When they don’t stop quickly, your baby can become frustrated and start crying and hiccuping at the same time. This second technique works wonders and is straightforward: pick up your baby under his arms and let him hang from your secure hold. 

Stop hiccups in baby

His whole body becomes relaxed and the hiccups pass right away. Having your baby relaxed and comfortable is key to stopping hiccups.

It’s good to know that as your baby gets older the frequency of hiccups becomes less, until they disappear altogether. 

For more info, watch How To Stop Baby Hiccups.

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