How To Stop Your Baby Crying With Touch Part 2

How to stop your baby crying with touch Part 2

Today is a continuation from my last blog on “How To Stop Baby Crying With Touch”. Previously I gave examples of how to calm your baby with your touch using your chest as a support and placing your hands on your baby’s back and tailbone. Here I will show you a variation with different positioning of the hands on other areas of the body. 

Today’s techniques are hand placements on the different areas of the torso and stomach. These work well if your baby has stomach pain, whether it’s from indigestion, reflux or colic, and won’t stop crying.

The upper hand is resting on the toddler’s/baby’s chest. The thumb is reaching the collar bone, the second and third fingers are under the breastbone, and the ring and small fingers are touching the tip of the stomach. The second hand is resting on the intestines, providing relief to the baby. 

stop your baby crying with touch

The baby is leaning her back into my front, melding right into me. This is an amazing feeling, the awareness of merging as one with your child or in this case, my grandchild. You literally don’t know where the baby’s body ends and yours begins . She was so relaxed she just popped her fingers into her mouth and fell asleep.

The following hand placement can be done sitting or standing. In this picture I’m gliding from side to side in a small movement. One hand is placed on the chest. As you can see the palm of the hand and the fingers reach every area of the torso. If your baby is bigger than my granddaughter in the pic, the spread and reach of the fingers will still radiate calm to the uncomfortable areas of the baby. The palm of the hand is over the baby’s chest, and her windpipe, where reflux can happen. The fingers are pointing towards the stomach. The thumb is resting on the breastbone and pointing towards the underarm where tension and discomforts are released. The second finger is resting on the pelvis and the middle and small fingers are resting on the groin.

stop baby crying with touch

The second hand is supporting the baby from behind, reaching between her legs on her diaper, with the fingers pointing upwards. The groin also holds a lot of tension and discomfort and the meeting of both hands and fingers create a powerful, calming influence.

The third picture shows the baby receiving support from 3 areas; the torso, the tailbone and groin. Here, baby is very happy sitting on grandpa with his back leaning against granddad’s chest. His arm is stretched across the baby’s side reaching to his groin. The side of grandad’s arm is having a positive effect on the baby’s internal organs while the hand is releasing tension in this hyperactive baby and creating calm within him.

stop your baby crying

This position is a natural way of holding a baby and you may not even be aware of how you’re placing your hands, even when he calms down.

As always, I want you to remember that these techniques are powerful when the pressure of your hand is as light as a feather. Your hand placements do not have to be in the exact same place as in the pictures, being close to these areas is enough. AND your focus of bringing calm to your baby will make the techniques even more powerful.

To see more, watch the video How To Stop Baby Crying With Touch – Part 2.

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