How To Stop Your Baby From Crying

How to stop your baby from crying

Are there times when you struggle with how to stop your baby from crying?

Boy, do I remember when  I was walking the floor with my baby, then my husband took my place. After that we called in the back up troops. My mother-in-law arrived and took over. Do you think it helped??? We tried all our usual methods.  My baby was in so much pain, she couldn’t stop crying.

This happens to all of us and it’s overwhelming!!

Here’s a gentle technique to stop the tears and calm your baby.

  • Put your baby over your shoulder, one hand supporting his tailbone and the other on his back.
  • Slowly move the second hand between his shoulder blades, and under his arms. Your touch should be very light.. 
Stop Crying
  •  Monitor your baby’s reaction. Notice when he is calmer and then keep this position.
  •  Focus on feeling heat being released from these areas. Don’t worry, you may not feel heat, or you may feel different sensations. Your goal is  to provide relief for your baby.
  •  If you feel heat, stay in that spot until the heat dissipates or baby relaxes. He may even fall asleep.
  • An alternative position you can try is to hold him the opposite way – where he is leaning on you with his back against you – so that your hands are free to rest on his stomach or chest. 

Stop baby crying 2

This can be done straight away, providing relief to baby and sanity to you!  

Watch my short video How To Stop Your baby Crying to learn more about these hand placement techniques. 

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