How To Treat Gas (Colic) In Your Baby

How to treat gas (colic) in your baby

Do you ever wonder how to treat gas (colic) in your baby? Do you feel frustrated that you can’t ease the pain?

Gas pain is very common in babies up to 3 months old. It’s caused by trapped air bubbles in the stomach. Babies are not always able to pass this gas and it causes them a lot of discomfort. This complaint  is also known as colic. 

A number of years ago, I remember when my new granddaughter had awful stomach pains. Talk about walking the floor! First my daughter, then my son-in-law and then his mother-in-law (me ;-))! Funnily enough, this was the daughter that my mother-in-law had walked the floor with!

I was determined to find out what the problem was. After all I had studied CranioBalance therapy, I should be able to do something to help!! 

I finally found the problematic area with my hand, leaving it in that area for quite a while. Before I knew it, she had fallen asleep! Whew!! The poor baby had gas and her suffering caused us all pain.

Does your baby ever experience this kind of pain?

Do you lack sleep because of this?

The great news is that there are a couple of ways to deal with gas pain by using the gentle Listening Touch hand positioning on your baby.

  • Burping your baby during and after feeding helps reduce the amount of trapped air, thereby reducing the gas pain.
    You can burp your baby when you are holding him over your shoulder. Place your hand gently on his back, parallel  to his stomach, and wait.
  • Another method to relieve your baby of gas is to sit baby on your lap, his back leaning against you. Make sure he is not scrunched up. Gently place your hand very lightly on or above his stomach and wait patiently for the air to surface. 
NU Firer family

These effective techniques to treat gas in your baby will definitely lower the stress level in these special early months. 

And FYI: we all have the ability to heal. It only depends on our self confidence and fearlessness to try something new! 🙂

Watch my video Gas (Colic) In Your baby And How To Treat It  where I show you how to do these techniques.

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