Mom power! How To Relax Your Upset Baby

Mom power! How to relax your upset baby

Do you want to know how to relax your upset baby? Do you ever feel you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions? That you’ve taken on different roles? That sometimes these roles are expected of you and everyone expects you to have the answer? 

But what about when some of these roles have evolved naturally?

Just like the amount of times you’ve considered your child’s symptoms and made an informal diagnosis? Or how many times you’ve taken action to provide your upset child with relief? 

You have the power! You are your kids’ primary carer! You can relax your upset baby!

Do these 2 Listening Touch techniques to grow your skills in relaxing your baby. 

  • Mom is lifting her baby under his arms. Babies love this underarm position, whether they are being picked up, lying down or just being held in your lap.
  • Dad has his arm across his baby’s back, his hand reaching her tailbone. The hand resting so lightly on the tailbone, brings release of discomfort and pain.
Mom Power!

The Listening Touch is designed for moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers, (and anyone else who wants to learn) to practice anywhere at anytime!

Check out my video, How To Feel Confident In Providing Relief For Your baby (Or Grandbaby) for more information on this topic.

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