My Favorite Tips To Calming Baby

My favorite tips to calm baby

So often I hear parents and grandparents swapping their ideas on how to calm baby when they don’t have a clue as to what is bothering him. But some grandparents have very firm opinions on what works for them ;), whether it’s a tip on how to get rid of colic or how to get your baby to sleep.  

A couple of my favorite tips to calming my grandbabies are:

  • to encourage smooth digestion after a feed 
  • to ease them into a gentle sleep.

Give these Listening Touch tips a try:

  • Helping smooth Digestion

After feeding your baby hold him in the position below to aid digestion and easy release of wind.

Hug baby to you, her front to your chest. Place one hand across her back until resting under her arm. The second hand is resting on her tailbone on top of her diaper. Wait for calm to descend and a burp to ascend.

  • Settling your Baby
    To encourage comfort and relaxation, hold your baby comfortably. Be aware of the position of your hands.
Calming baby

Sit baby on your lap leaning against you. One hand is placed over your baby’s chest and the second hand is resting under the tailbone over the diaper. Allow your hands to absorb different sensations from your baby’s body.

Calming baby 2

These techniques will help you create a calm atmosphere and a happy baby. 

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