Overtired baby? How To Help Him Calm Down

Overtired baby? How To Help Him Calm Down

How can you tell when your baby is overtired? Does he cry non stop? Does he scream or is he just plain agitated and wants to be held all the time? Do you recognise that he’s overtired and not in pain but just needs to relax? 

There are so many different reasons why your baby is overtired and all you want to do is help him calm down and fall asleep peacefully.

One year old Re’em entered a cycle of nonstop crying in the evenings. He was holding so much tension in his little body and did not want to let go of it. His body was so tight, but at the same time you could feel that he wanted to relax. Every time he allowed himself to relax a little, it felt like he was letting down his guard because he was trying his utmost not to give in to the calm. It was as if his mind was telling his body not to let go. But he was tired and really wanted a break from the crying. As he dropped his guard for half a second, he allowed a smidgeon of calm to enter his tired body,  which gradually made way for the calm to take over, sending him into slumberland.

Here are some ideas of  what to do when you KNOW that your baby doesn’t want to cry anymore.

  • Sit comfortably. Cradle the baby in your arms, his chest to your chest. One arm is around his upper back with your hand resting under his arm, with the thumb resting gently on his shoulder. The second hand is resting on his tailbone with the fingers pointing upward on his spine. Resting the hands in these positions allow a lot of tension to be released from these specific areas. 
Overtired baby 1
  • The hand positions below are similar to the previous picture but when you stand you can also move or glide gently from side to side which is often comforting for the baby. 
Overtired baby 2
  • The following picture shows mom gliding from side to side in a very gentle movement. She is holding the baby with his back against her chest. One hand is supporting the baby around the chest with the hand resting under his arm. The second hand is placed through his legs, resting on the front of his diaper, with the fingers pointing upwards towards the stomach. Notice that the thumb is resting on the baby’s groin. This area also holds tension.
Overtired baby 3
  • A wonderfully relaxing position for the baby is when he lies on his stomach in your hands that are held in front of you.
Sleeping baby

You need to hang in there while your baby is overtired and crying, you’ll find the spots where your hands need to be. When you do, you will feel a change in the type of your baby’s crying: there is no hysteria, and no pain. Sometimes he will try to restart his forceful crying but it will only come out as a whimper.

Watch the video Overtired Baby? How To Help Him Calm Down for more information.

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