Phone Tantrum! How To Calm Your Toddler

Phone Tantrum

Who would have ever thought a few short years ago that a 3 year old would know how to use a cellphone? And throw a whopper of a tantrum when it was taken from him? He is actually holding his own personal mobile movie theatre, in his hands. Amazing!

So, is it any wonder  that when mom needs her phone back her child will not be happy? And will express himself very clearly by having a temper tantrum!

I’m sure this happens to most of you who have kids who love to watch their favorite shows on your phone 🙂 and trying to retrieve it is a major operation. You hope that your child will accept the situation by returning the phone and not throw a tantrum.

Recently I received an excited phone call from a mom that I’ve worked with, explaining this exact scenario, (when her 3 year old refused to hand back the phone) and how she calmed her son using The Listening Touch.

“Barbara, I just wanted to share with you that Ben had the biggest tantrum ever because I wouldn’t let him hold my phone anymore, and then he was running around the living room going crazy. I caught him midair hanging over the arm of the couch just screaming his head off clearly overtired so while he was hanging in there, I put my hands on his back and I stayed very calm. 

I put one hand under his neck, on his back and one hand on his bottom and I just stood there, saying “ssshhh” for maybe 2 or 3 minutes and he calmed right down. He stayed hanging over the arm of the couch for 5 minutes. When I asked him if he wants to go to sleep on the couch now, he totally agreed and lay down, falling asleep a minute later. I was really amazed but it really worked!” 

Phone Tantrum 3

Incidentally he slept until morning.” When my hubby picked him up to put him to bed he was in such a deep sleep he didn’t rouse at all. Complete flop heavy.”

To learn more, view my video Phone Tantrum! How To Calm Your Toddler.

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