Relieve Hiccups in Your Baby. Another Hiccup Solution!

Relieve Hiccups in your Baby. Another Hiccup Solution!

This blog is about how I discovered another way to relieve hiccups in your baby. 

It all started out when my daughter Nechama was visiting from England. We popped in to see her sister Adina and the kids. It was a lovely reunion, but through it all Adina’s 2 month old baby, was not quite relaxed. She was restless because her hiccups were causing her so much frustration! And of course, it had to start when I was holding her. I heard a gentle pop of air and I just knew that the hiccups were going to start big time! I was not wrong. I tried all the usual positions, but this time nothing worked. 

I experimented with different holding positions and hand placements, all the while listening to the conversation between my two girls. The next thing I knew, the hiccups had stopped. Since I had not been fully focused on my hand placement, I was not aware of how I stopped the baby from crying.

So I blocked the surrounding distractions from my mind and took note of how I held the baby, and where my hands were placed. This was important because I wanted to be aware of what I was doing, so I could help her (the baby), as well as explain to her mother, how to relieve the hiccups in a different way.

Baby’s back is leaning against my front while being cradled in the crook of my left arm. My left hand is resting on the baby’s pelvis and groin. The right hand is resting on her chest with the fingers pointed in the direction of her armpit. This position of the hands provided comfort to her uncomfortable areas.

Relieve hiccups

In the photos  below, the baby is being held with her side melding into mom. Mom is supporting baby with one hand reaching around the shoulder blades to under the arm. The second hand is reaching around the chest to rest under the same arm. This positioning does not put any pressure on the stomach or digestive system. Allowing the lower area of the body to hang freely while being supported under the arms, allows any air bubbles or gas to escape.

Relieve Hiccups in your Baby. Another Hiccup Solution!
Another Hiccup Solution!

The fact that I was carrying on a conversation but at the same time experimenting and researching how to alleviate the hiccups, shows that The Listening Touch becomes a part of your lifestyle. 

If you hold your baby in the above position, he must be light enough for you to hold him in this fashion, and you must not feel any stress or strain in your arms.

For more information, watch my video Relieve Hiccups in your Baby: Another Hiccup Solution! 

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