Self Care for Moms

Self Care For Moms

This blog is about self care for moms. You, taking care of You!
The importance of recognizing when things are too much for you. 

Self care

Many times we are not aware that everyday demands are taking a toll on us. It can be housework, outside work, demands from others in the house or a combination of all three. 

Lack of sleep makes everything seem bleak and can  contribute to feelings of not having solutions to whatever is stressing you. Situations seem insurmountable and worst of all, you don’t know yourself, you don’t know You!

Your baby will feel your distress and let you know! How can you find sanity in these situations? How can you find the time for self care?

First of all, know that you are doing the most important job in the world – nurturing your baby.

Next, figure out how to lessen your load:
Like using the clothes dryer (if you love hanging washing outside)
Cooking nutritious meals in the crockpot (just set it and leave it!)
Having a babysitter to take care of older kids in the afternoon.
And here’s a big one:
Internalize that a chaotic and disorganized house is NOT a dirty house.

Speak openly to family and friends with whom you are close and see if they can help out. You’ll find that quite a few of them have been in the same situation and will suggest simple tips to help you out.

But most importantly understand and accept that this busy, overstretched phase of your life is only temporary.         

Another method of self care is to practice The Listening Touch on yourself, creating a calm and warm atmosphere within yourself.    

For example: you can lie down or sit on a couch or comfortable dining chair, and place your hands anywhere on your body where you feel tension and need release. It can be your stomach or chest, your heart or thighs, the back of your head or your face. 

Take the time to feel sensations come into your hands.       

You may feel heat, pulsing or a motion of waves. Just wait. Don’t concentrate too hard. Just allow yourself to accept what your body is telling you through your hands. The sensation of your hands melding with your body may occur. 

Another sensation you may receive, is when your hands want to move of their own accord. It feels like a big move but in fact it is a tiny movement.

Wait for your breathing to slow and a feeling of calm enter your body.

After this rejuvenation you’ll be ready to “listen” to your baby.

Watch my video Self Care For Moms for more tips.

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