Self Care: Treating Stomach Stress

Self care - treating stomach stress

Today I want to continue discussing the topic of your self care using The Listening Touch, since stressful times create all kinds of havoc with our bodies. Stress can be anything that causes you to be upset or out of sync with what is “normal” for you and shows itself in so many different forms. In this blog I’ll deal with treating stomach stress and tension. This usually comes from a number of different places. For instance, the tension can arise from an emotional upset or just from the fact that you’re not able to complete all your tasks that you’ve set for yourself. And  what about the distress that sets in when you can’t stop your baby from crying? That can really contribute to stomach tension!

Here’s a simple calming technique to release your stomach stress.

Gently place your hand over your stomach. 

Use Intention and your imagination to see in your mind’s eye the pent up stress. Think about feeling the warmth and relaxation radiating from your hand to the stress.

sunrise over sea

Be in the moment. 

Self care stomach stress

Imagine the stress disappearing from your stomach, through the pores of your skin. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine spreading throughout your body as the stress finds its release.

Freedom from stomach stress

Stay in this comfortable position for as long as it takes to relax and feel calm enter your body.

Fo more information on this topic, watch my short video, Treating Mom’s Stomach Stress.

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