Soothe Your Baby Easily With Gentle Touch

Soothe Your Baby Easily With Gentle Touch

Today’s blog shows you the simplicity of using The Listening Touch with only one hand and the powerful effect it can have on soothing your baby with gentle touch. 

Your baby does not have to be crying in order to be soothed. Sometimes you can feel that he’s a little uptight or tense, and might be on the verge of becoming upset.

These following techniques to soothe your baby, can be done in any situation and position, whether it’s standing at the time baby needs soothing, or whether you are sitting on your rocker, on the couch or in the kitchen! 🙂

Mom’s hand is resting on the baby’s stomach and intestines, with her fingers reaching around the side of the baby which are directed towards the back. 

Gentle Touch

The thumb is resting on the chest. When your baby has released tension you will hear him breathe deeply or sigh.

In the following photo, mom is resting her hand on her baby’s side, this time with the fingers pointing towards the lower back and tailbone. 

Soothe Baby

The thumb is resting gently near the underarm. All of these areas hold discomforts and this gentle placing of the hand will release them.

I just love this last photo since it brings back sweet memories when I was a young mom with my babies. This particular touch is so simple and natural. 

Soothe Your Baby Easily With Gentle Touch

Mom is connecting with her baby with her touch and at the same time relaying calm throughout his body. Yes, that’s right, the calm is flowing gently to the whole body, and affecting mom as well!

The importance of keeping the pressure of your hand as light as a feather will help the process of melding between you and your baby; that amazing feeling of connection and bonding, of being as one. You don’t have to have the baby resting on you to receive this feeling of oneness, you can receive it simply by using your hand.

To learn more , watch my video  How To Soothe Baby With Gentle Touch.

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