The Listening Touch For Beginners

The Listening Touch For Beginners

You’ve already seen and (hopefully) tried some of The Listening Touch techniques from my blogs and videos. As a beginner, learning how to touch my patient and “listen” through my hands for her pain, was a bit of an uphill battle trying to understand what it all meant.

When I started learning how to “listen” with my hands for baby’s discomforts, I didn’t recognize the healing that was occurring in the baby (even though he fell asleep). There were a number of factors that I had to internalize, and one of them was awareness. Being aware and present in my goal of bringing calm to the baby.

The beginning of my Listening Touch journey was confusing and overwhelming. I was extremely frustrated when I didn’t get the results I expected.

So in order to cut down on your frustration, I’ve set out a few tips for you when starting out with your Listening Touch journey: 

  • You may not get it right the first time but keep at it because these techniques can be mastered by beginners.
  • The hardest part is getting your head around the idea of the release of heat, or the feel of other sensations coming from your baby’s body (which I discuss in my masterclass and book). This is a new concept to most.
  • Using your imagination. Imagine heat or pain coming into your hands. Now imagine that pain rising out of the body. Use your mind to think of the calm you want to bring to your baby. This will make him more comfortable. 
TLT for beginners

The first time you feel heat and provide comfort to your baby you will be empowered! 

Find out more about these techniques in my best selling book “The 5 Keys to Calming Your Baby”.


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