Toddler won’t sleep? Here’s one way to calm your toddler to sleep

Toddler won’t sleep? Here’s one way to calm your toddler to sleep

What do you do when your toddler refuses to sleep? How do you calm your toddler so that she will want to sleep? Do you ever experience the nightly routine where you’ve managed to get her into bed, where she lies quietly for about 2 minutes, then she jumps up as if it is morning to start her day again. How can you convince her to go to sleep without pulling out your hair??

This blog is about you helping your toddler calm down and relax during bedtime, so he will want to fall asleep.

I decided to write about this topic after I saw my exhausted son and daughter-in-law walking around like zombies. They explained that they were getting very little sleep (they get up at 5am) and had no winding down time at night since their hyperactive daughter Naama, refused to sleep , even though she was exhausted. 

I happened to be at their place one night and saw Naama in action. She happily went to bed because she was exhausted, but before I knew it she’d popped up like a jack-in-the-box and went to get a book to read! She returned to bed and lay back down on her stomach.

I quickly took the opportunity to sit next to her on the bed before she popped up again, and gently placed my hand on her back. I could feel her whole body buzzing. There was the sensation of electrical humming coming into my hand. Like her whole body was electrically charged about ready to erupt. She could not find a calm space for herself. The restless sensations from her body came into my hands. I imagined this restlessness leaving her body and disappearing. 

Baby won"t sleep? Back technique

Use this Listening Touch technique when your toddler needs calming at bedtime.

Your child is lying in his bed, either on his back, stomach or side.  Gently place your hand so that you are hardly touching, in any area that you feel restlessness or discomfort.

Toddler won't sleep? Technique 2

This restlessness may translate itself into heat, the feeling of rough waves, or a prickling sensation coming into your hands. Your toddler’s discomfort may be in his whole body but you only need to choose one area to rest your hand. It may be his leg, arm, back, or part of the head that is easy to reach.

You must be sitting or lying with ease to avoid any kind of discomfort.

You need to be comfortable in order to stay in this position for as long as you need to. When you place your hand on your toddler, imagine that calm is entering her body. Calm in the form of gentle waves flowing throughout, washing away all tension and restlessness. Watch these calm waves reach inside to her centre, spreading to her toes, fingers and the back of her neck to her head.

Toddler won't sleep
Toddler won't sleep

If she refuses to lie down, place her in your lap while you are sitting on the bed. When she falls asleep, or she is completely calm, you can slide her into bed.

These same techniques can be used at any time your toddler can’t relax. Whether he is distressed, sad, in pain, or just feels that he’s missing out on the action by being in bed, your calm hand and focused attention on providing relaxation will release his tension and restlessness.

For more information on this topic, watch my video How To Calm Toddler To Sleep.


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