What To Do When Your Child Has a Stubbed Toe or Finger

Sore thumb

The subject today is how to treat a stubbed toe or finger in your young child. This is a taste of The Listening Touch in action with older kids. 

This story also touches on the most important issue of trust between the patient, who is your child, and yourself. He understands that when you gently put your hands on his painful areas, he feels physically better and well cared for. 
Here’s Neria’s story, but first imagine this scene: His mother was preparing for a small family dinner. The younger siblings (aged 18 months and 3) were waiting to see their aunty who was visiting from overseas. After she arrived we could feel the younger kids’ energy, they were literally running in circles and shouting excitedly, while Neria was waiting impatiently for his grandfather to arrive. Finally there was a knock at the door. He ran to open it but, as usual the door was stuck. He pulled once, then twice, and then with all his might he pulled it open…. right onto his big toe…. and of course, he wasn’t wearing any shoes! Oh the pain and the tears! 

He was picked up and seated on the couch. He was asked if it was okay to  take away his painand he agreed. Since an incident earlier in the week where he fell into a healing sleep after being treated for his fever, he trusted in the process that would bring him comfort. 

Here is how his stubbed toe was treated.  Neria sat on the couch with his legs in front of him. His foot with the injured toe was supported in one hand. The second hand covered his stubbed toe without actually touching him (You may feel heat emanating from the injured area, allow it to flow out and away). Neria sat quietly for a few minutes then said: “I don’t have any more pain” and jumped up to greet his grandfather.

Treating a stubbed toe
Treating a stubbed toe 2

This healing of the stubbed toe was very quick and effective. Each type of healing and each child may need different amounts of time for discomfort to dissipate. 
This same technique is used when your child hurts his finger.  For example when he sprains it, or it is bent backwards while playing ball. This will work particularly well when your child does not like being touched, since you are surrounding his finger with your hand, and not actually touching it.  This is possible to do even when the atmosphere is noisy with distractions. It will be difficult to concentrate on taking away his pain but your positive intention will create relief for your child. Usually he feels this relief after a few minutes.

Stubbed finger
Stubbed finger 2

Watch my video How To Heal Stubbed Toe or Finger in a 5 Year Old for more information.

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