Will My Baby Go To Sleep With My Touch?

Will My Baby Go To Sleep With My Touch?

Do you ever wonder if your baby will go to sleep with your touch? In this blog I will show you different ways to help your baby go to sleep.  

Sometimes a baby is simply not ready to close his eyes and go to sleep. If this is the case, he needs to go through a process of becoming relaxed. This process, using The Listening Touch, can be done when holding your baby in your arms, or when he’s lying in his crib. You provide him his safe and supportive environment, teaching him that being calm is a normal way of going to sleep. Don’t worry that your baby will become dependent on you being around to do these techniques (he’s dependent on you anyway because you’re his mom), you are just adding an extra level of support and comfort.

Try out these techniques, but please remember: always keep your touch as light as a feather!

Baby is lying totally relaxed on his dad’s forearm. The placement of his dad’s arm is touching very soothing areas, from his stomach and chest right up to his cheek and temple. Dad is not applying any pressure at all; it is all coming from the baby, whose weight is pressing down on dad’s arm. 

Go To Sleep With My Touch?

Calm is created when touching these sensitive areas on the face, which include  the jaw, cheekbone and the area around the ear. It’s enough to have your hands close to these areas, and not necessarily on them, for calming sensations to flow from the face into the rest of the body.

In the following photo mom and baby are lying face to face on the bed. One of mom’s arms is simply surrounding the baby from around the back with her hand reaching to the back of the head. 

Sleep With My Touch?

Her hand is not actually touching the (lower) back of the head (occiput), but her baby feels the support. Her fingers are resting gently on the top of his head (parietals).

In the photo below, mom is supporting her baby under her buttocks. The baby is melding into mom’s chest, totally relaxed. Mom’s second hand is resting on that special responsive area of the ear, which I’m sure caused the baby to fall into that deep sleep. The top fingers are also reaching the wing of the eye, with the thumb resting on the head. 

Baby sleep with my touch

The placement of the hand is influencing a number of places on the head which in turn, calms the rest of the body.

These techniques are powerful and it’s amazing to watch the change in your baby as he falls asleep. It will then be easy to put him into bed without disturbing him. And the both of you should have a restful night!

Watch the video Will My Baby Go To Sleep With My Touch? to learn more.

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